This show by the Open Studio that won the first price in the national dance contest
Oktober 2017

The first film for project BeeHome “Let’s Play”
Visit Spring 2017

Film made by Muyz Breakdancers and Gaza Parkour. 

Interviews dr. Jean Calder by Hugo Boogaerdt for RTV Drenthe (Dutch television)
Visit January 2016
Dr. Jean about Living in Gaza
Dr. Jean about Open Studio and Hope
Who is dr. Jean?

Film “What’s going on” by Marsel Loermans and Ingrid Rollema
Visit July 2015



5 short films about the work of the HOPE Foundation in Gaza
Broadcasted by RTV Drenthe
Episode 1Episode 2Episode 3Episode 4Episode 5


Videomessage Dr. Younis Al Khatib at the opening Vredesweek Assen:
September 19th 2015





Beluister het interview van presentatrice Margriet Benak op RTV Drenthe in Cassata
met Riekus Feijen op zaterdag 12 december 2009