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HOPE is devastated by the human tragedy
taking place in Gaza at this time.

Following the war of 2021, HOPE initiated its Cultural Emergency Fund.
Through this fund we are able to offer many local artists and teachers the opportunity to support children who are suffering the consequences of war and destruction.
In times of great loss and emotional damage we aim to use this fund to provide whatever is needed – whenever and where-ever – to offer the children of Gaza some comfort.
Having this fund at our disposal gives us the chance to quickly and accurately respond to any questions for help without having to go through lengthy procedures or fill-out complicated application forms.
Your contribution would be an enormous help to us as it would enable our trusted staff members on location in Gaza to immediately respond to the great needs of the children there as soon as the situation allows it.
Make a one-time donation, or become a HOPE-ful supporter by signing up for regular donations.

Thank you so much for your support!


Or make a singular donation

Info for bank transfers:

IBAN: NL37 RABO03 5983 1559

- How your fund is being used -

Over the past 30+ years HOPE has developed a large number of trusted contacts with local Gaza artists and teachers who are not only working with children but who are also known to be community builders. Regular long-term visits by the Dutch HOPE team to Gaza and regular photo reports sent by the Gaza staff insure us that all funds send by HOPE are used in direct benefit of the local children.

HOPE does not have any offices or other substantial non-human costs. Besides a fair pay for one part-time freelancer in Belgium and some promotional costs, all revenue of HOPE is used to support local artists and teachers in working with children.

Any donations made for the "Cultural Emergency Fund" will be 100% used for emergency support in Gaza and non other. These funds will be transferred directly, through bank transfer, to known and trusted local artists and teachers in Gaza for the only benefit of implementing their proposed projects that support the needs of the children of Gaza.


Order 6 different postcards from the Project “Look me in the eyes”; Faces from Gaza by Mohammed Shurrab
Pay €10 per set to the following bankaccount, including your name and address


IBAN NL37RABO0359831559


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