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After many visits from the Dutch team to Gaza we were finally able to welcome an artist from our Gaza team to the Netherlands. 

Mahmoud Alhaj was invited to spend two months at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague where he followed the program Interactive/Media/Design.
After these two months Mahmoud will continue his trip in Europe to participate in a program at the Spanish Academy in Rome.

His stay in the Netherlands ended on a high with a joint exhibition between Mahmoud and artists Rob Voerman at gallery Plaatsmaken in Arnhem.

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After the war in May 2021 it wasn't an easy time going into summer. But the need for spaces where children could unwind was greater than ever and our colleagues in Gaza put their heads up and made it happen.

We are so proud to say that there were 8 summercamps this year ranging from making music with children with disabilities to mixing science and art for a better environment.

A report of all the activities will follow soon.



We all looked in absolute horror at the terrible events happening in Gaza during May 2021.

The one thing that warmed our hearts after many cold moments was the great response we got to our call for an Cultural Emergency Fund.

Many donations were made that allowed us to support the people in Gaza to great lengths both in practical needs repairing the damage as to projects to bring back life in the streets such as a large traveling circus which visited the most targeted areas.

A great, warm thanks to all who so generously made this possible.



Palestinian Shores

A project in collaboration with The Palestinian Museum about the meaning of the coast within the Palestinian narrative.

Children in the coastal area's Gaza and Akka follow a two week arts-program in which they transform their thoughts into poetry, learn calligraphy to write down their poems and then make wet-origami sculptures out of the scripted papers.

Their stories and creations will come together in a large art installation which will be exhibited in the Palestinian Museum in Birzeit during their Palestinian Shores Exhibition opening in the summer of 2021.



BeeHomeAcademy is gaining content!

During the Covid-19 Lockdown the need for educational videos has become bigger than ever.
The Open Studio team used their expertise and created a large number of videos for the children covering many topics like arts, dance, music, sign language, sports and many more.

New videos are being added to our BeeHomeAcademy YouTube channel every week.

So BeeWelcome to visit and explore!

BeeHomeAcademy YouTube

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