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Ahmed Medhad


In loving memory of Ahmed Medhad (Little Ahmed) co-founder of the Breakdance Academy who was killed by shelling on February 12th 2024.

And in memory of all other who lost their lives.

May their souls rest in peace.

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Activities since Oct 2023

We are truly horrified about the current situation in Gaza.
Although it shocked us to our core we haven't fallen still.

Both in Gaza as well as in Europe lot's of activities have taken place.

In Gaza activities for children were organised to provide psychological support.

In Europe lots of press was reached and events organised to share the stories from Gaza to a wide audience.

Read all things that happened between October 2023 and February 2024. Click here to open document.



In February of 2023 the Social Media Club has officially opened.
After two very successful social media summercamps, the team of Media Live approached us for a more sustainable project with the youth who proved talented and motivated to further develop themselves.

They teach a group of young teenagers how to make online artworks that share their
stories and how to post them online in an effective, safe and responsible way.
This gives the youth of Gaza a voice and a opportunity to get in touch with a broader world and a window op opportunities in a land where they sense little hope for a better future.

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Dr Jean Calder


I really don’t know why, but still, I do love people”
Dr. Jean Elizabeth Calder 1936 - 2022


Our example, support and tower of strength, Jean Elisabeth Calder, left us in the early morning of November 28th 2022.

Jean's life was all about rehabilitation. She fought for human dignity coupled to development. By involving the arts with HOPE in her rehabilitation projects of the Palestinian Red Crescent, clear added value was created for both parties. In our 33-year collaboration, she was a lively, humorous link between Palestinian and Western societies.


How we will miss her!

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Sadly 2022 didn't gave the people of Gaza the calm year the had hoped for.
In august a very sudden aggression broke out. Four days of bombardments resulted in many causalities, including children, and many families who lost their houses.

Suzanne, from HOPE, was in Gaza and experienced first hand the impact of such violence. She also saw how the morning of the ceasefire the whole Open Studio staff was at work and the space full of children looking for a positive distraction.

In the following days the team visited many marginalized areas to relieve the local children from the first shock.

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