Palestinian Shores

A project in collaboration with The Palestinian Museum about the meaning of the coast within the Palestinian narrative.

Children in the coastal area's Gaza and Akka follow a two week arts-program in which they transform their thoughts into poetry, learn calligraphy to write down their poems and then make wet-origami sculptures out of the scripted papers.

Their stories and creations will come together in a large art installation which will be exhibited in the Palestinian Museum in Birzeit during their Palestinian Shores Exhibition opening in the summer of 2021.



With great pleasure and excitement we announce the opening of the first Breakdance Academy in Gaza!

Since many years HOPE has been collaborating with Breakdancer and gymnastics teacher Myuz.
Myuz spends most of his free time teaching the children in the community how to safely stand on their heads.
With the support of HOPE he will now be able to move from the streets to a well prepared and safe space where he and two other trainers can teach the children on a regular basis.

How amazing!!!

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BeeHomeAcademy is gaining content!

During the Covid-19 Lockdown the need for educational videos has become bigger than ever.
The Open Studio team used their expertise and created a large number of videos for the children covering many topics like arts, dance, music, sign language, sports and many more.

New videos are being added to our BeeHomeAcademy YouTube channel every week.

So BeeWelcome to visit and explore!

BeeHomeAcademy YouTube

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Sadly the covid-19 / coronavirus has also arrived in Gaza. Everyone is now at home. The fear is great. An outbreak in this area would be disastrous!

The Open Studio and the Saturday Academy are one of the few places where online lessons are given.


As part of this, our team is making many how-to video's and delivering special Corona Art Boxes.

Read more here




It was certainly not an easy summer, but with a flexible attitude, 6 beautiful summer camps have been realized.

We would like to thank everyone who helped to realize and support these summer camps and invite you to find out more about the special projects that took place last summer here