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On June 26 2018 the dance performance Phoenix premiered in Marseille. Choreographer Eric Minh Cuong Castaing (Shonen company) combined drones with people, dancers in France with dancers in Gaza and contemporary dance with the traditional Arabic dabke into a performance that shows two realities of live under drones.

From no on the show will continue to tour through Europe.

Phoenix is a co-production by Festival de Marseille, Ballet National de Marseille and Hope Foundation. Watch the trailer


Finaly, after two years of hurdles and roadblocks, we finally finished our new platform BeeHomeAcademy!

It is an online art academy that uses films as a teaching method and is created for children in refugee camps all over the world.

BeeHome is a platform to inspire with the aim to stimulate children to develop and express themselves through the arts.



For our platform BeeHome Academy we are constantly creating new content.

You can see the full platform here
Or visit our video channel here



During the summer of 2019 HOPE had the chance to start a wonderful collaboration with the Palestinian Museum of Modern Art.

Hope developed a workshop that corresponded with their exhibition "Intimate Terrain".


The same workshop was held both in Ramallah and Gaza and challenged children in both locations to look at their environment in a new way and us its possibilities to create land art.

More info and great photos here  



The Open studio has proven again that their work with the children is really something special.

In a big national contest in Gaza they won a staggering 3 prizes!
The first and second prize for painting and the first prize for the Dabke (dance) team!

Our huge congratulations to the team and the children for these great achievements.


The amazing children of community center De Mussen raised money by running and their parents gave generously during the Iftar. Youth ambassador Aya handed over the 1.000,- euro check to Ingrid Rollema. Such a great amount!

An enormous big thanks from the Hope Foundation for this generous donation. The children in Gaza will benefit greatly from this initiative.


In June 2018 artist Suzanne Groothuis went on another visit to Gaza. She stayed there for 11 days and worked on two different projects. Curious to know how that went? Read the blog here.


With great creativity, talent and very hard work, a group of children from the Open Studio won the first price in the annual Gaza Dabke dance contest!
We are so proud and send our congratulations for this great accomplishment.

Here you find a video of their performance in the final round of the contest.


On 11 November 2017, the opening of the 'De Oriënt 2.0' exhibition took place in Pulchri Studio in The Hague. 'De Oriënt 2.0' is an art project, consisting of an exhibition with an extensive side program, in which contemporary artists present their vision on the current Middle East and North Africa. Hope Foundation nominated two Gazan artists for this exhibition: Mohammed al Hawajri and Mahmoud Alhaj.


Artist Marjan Teeuwen creates large-scale architectural installations in buildings that are subsequently demolished following her interventions. Constructive forces go hand in hand with destruction and decay in Teeuwen’s work. One of these projects is ‘Destroyed House Gaza’ for which she used an entire two-story building that was already bombed out as the setting for her interventions. By choosing to work in occupied territory she lets the local social context emphatically penetrate her work and the tension between the artistic and the political context comes to a head.


In November 2016 one of the regional television channels in the Netherlands broadcasted 5 short films about the work done by the HOPE Foundation in Gaza.
They are great little documentaries, filmed by Hugo Boogaerts, that give a very accurate representation of our work and the situation in the area. You can find all these films on our film page.


During ‘De Vredesweek’ (The Peace-week) in Assen in September 2015 exhibition ‘Look me in the Eyes’ was opened. This exhibition showed life in Gaza through the eyes of Mohammed Shurrab, photographer and inhabitant of Gaza City.
Also part of this exhibition was the premiere of the latest clip 'what's going on' by Marsel Loermans and Ingrid Rollema about the not yet shown face of Gaza and some drawings by children from Gaza.


On the 6th of august 2014 Ingrid Rollema took part in a talkshow broadcasted on a national television channel in The Netherlands (NPO). This show was recorded shortly after the 2014 war in Gaza (Operation Protective Edge) and spoke about how this conflict affected The Netherlands and what are future prognosis considering this conflict.
You can still watch this show here.


Short documentary, broadcasted in 2010 by the tv show Netwerk and presented by Aart Zeeman, about a visit by artist Ingrid Rollema to the Open Studio in Gaza.
You can watch this documentary here.


An article speaking about a visit by Ingrid Rollema and Harry Cock, published in Yabalia magazine in may 2010.
Read the article here.

Publication 2010

Hope Foundation has presented itself at (among others):

De Tweede Kamer. (Dutch House of Representatives)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Dutch Red Cross

PRCS Ramallah

PRCS Khan Younis

Imaginate Festival Edinburgh

Asylum center Katwijk

Soroptomisten Den Haag

Orde van den Prince Den Haag

Orde van den Prince Eindhoven

Lions Rijswijk

Clubhuis De Mussen Den Haag

Maris College Den Haag
Bewogen Festival Brussels


Filem'On Festival Brussels

Krokusfestival Hasselt

CREA Amsterdam

Singelkerk Amsterdam

De Kolk Assen

Van Veen Assen

Stichting Jabalya Groningen

Culturele uitwisseling Emden Duitsland

Hogeschool Amersfoort

Haagse Hogeschool

American International Students from The Peace Palace

Rotery Wassenaar

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